10 Polyamorous Dating Apps To Help You Find That Special Someone

Polyamorous dating apps are designed for people who are interested in exploring relationships outside of traditional monogamous ones. These apps provide a space to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the possibilities of building meaningful connections with multiple partners.

Are you looking for a dating app that allows you to explore polyamory and relationships with multiple partners? If so, this review of the best polyamorous dating apps is just what you need. Read on to find out which one suits your needs!

Best Polyamorous Dating Apps

Website Best for
1 OkCupid People looking for casual connections and meaningful relationships.
2 Feeld People looking for a casual hookup with no strings attached.
3 PolyMatchMaker Those looking to meet and connect with other polyamorous individuals.
4 BeyondTwo Those seeking casual relationships and no-strings-attached encounters.
5 PolyamoryDate People who are interested in exploring polyamorous relationships through casual dating.
6 PolyFinda People looking for open relationships or multiple partners.
7 OpenMinded Those who are seeking non-traditional, open relationships and encounters.
8 SwingerLifestyle Couples and individuals looking for a no-strings attached sexual experience.
9 Kasidie Adventurous adults looking to explore their sexuality with likeminded individuals.
10 SwingTowns Open-minded individuals looking to explore their sexuality through casual connections.

Are you looking for the best polyamorous dating apps? If so, read on to learn more about these top-rated gay dating sites.


Pricing Features and Target Audience
Free Basic messaging, search filters, view any profile, and access to personality tests; A best choice for singles looking to explore the dating world and observe how it works.
A-List Basic (starting at $9.95/month) In addition to free features, users receive daily automatic boosts, higher profile visibility in searches, message read receipts, message filters, and advanced search filters; Suitable for serious online daters.
A-List Premium (starting at $34.90/month) Everything included in A-List Basic plus message priority, a monthly boost for attracting more attention from potential matches, message highlighting, profile cutouts, and extra insights on their own profile; Optimal choice for experienced online daters seeking an even better match experience.

OkCupid is an online dating service that helps people find meaningful relationships. It uses a questionnaire-based matching system to identify compatible partners based on criteria such as interests, lifestyle and values. The platform also offers personalized messaging capabilities and advanced search filters for users to narrow down their options.

Benefits of using OkCupid include access to a large pool of potential matches, ability to customize searches according to preferences, and the freedom to message other users without having to pay anything extra.

The app version of OkCupid has been optimized for mobile use with features like Quickmatch, which allows users quickly swipe through profiles in order see if they match up with someone else’s preference criteria or not. Additionally, it includes fun quizzes designed by experts which can help break the ice between two potential suitors.

Other advantages include control over who gets notified when one visits their profile page and seeing how often others view your own profile page activity.

OkCupid takes user safety seriously by offering various tips on staying safe while engaging in online communication activities like never sharing personal information publicly or meeting strangers offline before getting comfortable enough with them first. Furthermore, it encourages reporting any suspicious activity immediately so that appropriate action can be taken swiftly by its support team if necessary.

  • OkCupid has a fun and easy-to-use interface.
  • It offers advanced search options to find matches more quickly.
  • There are lots of free features available on the platform.
  • Limited number of potential matches in some areas.
  • Some users may be inactive or have outdated profiles.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free for basic version; Paid subscription is available Personalised recommendations;
Private, safe space designed to explore kinks and interests;
Open to all gender identities and sexual orientations;
Couples and Singles aged 18+ (Some features are available only for paying users)

Feeld is a dating and social discovery platform designed to meet the needs of singles, couples and groups. It offers an array of features for users to explore their sexuality safely with like-minded people in a judgement-free environment. Key features include secure messaging, private photo albums, user verification system and detailed profiles. Feeld also provides innovative tools such as virtual events, icebreaker suggestions and tips on how to get started in the online dating world. The app’s main advantage is its focus on creating a safe space where everyone can express themselves freely without fear of rejection or discrimination.

  • The interface is easy and intuitive to use.
  • It offers an innovative way of exploring different kinks and sexual preferences.
  • There are plenty of interesting features like virtual gifts, ice-breaking games, etc.
  • The interface could be a bit more user-friendly.
  • It sometimes takes a while to find compatible matches.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free membership PolyMatchMaker search, basic profile, Blocking & Hiding feature.
Premium Membership In-depth profiles, Date Feeds, Support Center and Chat Rooms. Couples, singles and groups of all genders, ages, sexual preferences, religions, races and backgrounds are welcome.

PolyMatchMaker is a dating website designed to help polyamorous individuals and couples find like-minded partners. It offers features such as personal profile creation, advanced search options, private messaging capabilities and more. Users can also join or create groups based on their interests, share photos and videos with other members, explore events that are happening nearby, post questions to the community boards and access an extensive directory of resources related to polyamory.

The site provides users with a safe way to meet potential matches online in an environment that encourages open communication about one’s relationship status without judgement. Its key advantages include its user-friendly design; comprehensive listing of resources for those new to polyamory; diverse selection of potential partners; ability to connect both locally and globally; secure messaging system; ease of use from any device including mobile devices; free membership option available for all users.

  • PolyMatchMaker has a huge selection of users, making it easy to find the perfect match.
  • The site’s search and filtering tools make it simple to narrow down potential matches.
  • PolyMatchMaker offers great features for free, such as messaging and profile viewing.
  • The search filters are limited, making it harder to find matches.
  • It can take a while to get approved by the moderators before you can start using the site.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free Unlimited co-parenting profiles, Up to 5 connections per profile, Message boards and events calendars.
Premium ($9.99/month) Unlimited connections for each profile, Advanced messaging options, Digital document management and storage.
Target audience: Parents who have gone through a separation or divorce, family attorneys, counselors, etc.

BeyondTwo is a powerful online collaboration platform designed to help teams work together more effectively. It offers an array of features that increase productivity, such as task management and calendar tracking tools, document sharing capabilities, and secure communication channels. This comprehensive suite of tools helps users stay organized while allowing for real-time collaboration with team members regardless of their location or device.

The key feature of BeyondTwo is its intuitive user interface which makes it easy for everyone in the team to use. The drag-and-drop functions enable quick project organization while its customizable templates allow you to save time when creating new projects from scratch. Additionally, all documents are securely stored in one place so they can be accessed anytime without fear of data loss or security breaches.

Overall, BeyondTwo provides an effective way for teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently on various tasks and projects. Its flexibility allows users to customize it according to their specific needs while ensuring that all shared information remains safe and secure at all times. With this platform, teams have the assurance that they will always remain connected no matter where each member may be located around the world.

  • BeyondTwo has a great user interface – it’s easy to navigate and use.
  • BeyondTwo offers lots of options for finding compatible partners – from simple matching algorithms to complex personality tests.
  • The support team at BeyondTwo is quick, friendly and helpful – they always respond quickly to any questions or issues I have.
  • BeyondTwo can be a bit overwhelming with all the features and options.
  • The interface isn’t always intuitive, so it takes some time to figure out how to use everything.


Pricing Features / Target Audience
Free membership to view other members and their profiles For those wanting to explore polyamory dating
Premium subscription for $5/month or $30/year More personalized experiences, access to more advanced features like message filters and advanced search options, for the more serious polyamorists.
VIP subscription for $15/month or $90/year Advanced profile customization options, feature list updates, and discounts for upcoming events, ideal for those in long-term relationships.

PolyamoryDate is a dating website specifically designed for people who practice or are interested in polyamorous relationships. The site offers users the opportunity to find potential partners and create meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. It features compatibility matching, advanced search tools, private messaging options, user profiles that can be customized with photos and videos, and more.

Additionally, PolyamoryDate provides safety tips on how to navigate online dating safely as well as verified accounts of members who have been vetted by the site’s moderators.

The primary advantages of using PolyamoryDate include access to an exclusive community of open-minded singles looking for real love and connection; the ability to find compatible matches based on shared interests; easy communication through chat messages and video calls; enhanced privacy settings; plus 24/7 customer support from experienced moderators if needed. Finally, all transactions are secure which ensures peace of mind when making payments online or exchanging personal information during conversations.

Overall, PolyamoryDate is a great place for those seeking polyamorous relationships or simply exploring what it means to be part of such a unique type of relationship structure. With its diverse range of features tailored towards connecting people in meaningful ways, this one-of-a-kind platform has something special to offer everyone regardless their preferences or location!

  • PolyamoryDate makes it easy to find like-minded partners who are open to exploring multiple relationships.
  • The website is designed for users of all genders and sexual orientations, making it an inclusive space for everyone.
  • It’s totally free to use – no hidden fees or unnecessary costs!
  • The search function is a bit clunky and slow.
  • There are limited options for filtering potential matches.


Pricing Features / Target Audience
$9.99/mo Tools to organize and promote events for any community/Organizers and attendees
$39.99/mo Advanced reporting, analytics tools, and “Unlimited Events” plan/Organizers and sponsors

PolyFinda is a polyamorous dating and social networking app designed to help connect users with like-minded people. It provides an open, safe space where users can build meaningful relationships without judgement or stigma.

Key features include a comprehensive profile system for listing relationship preferences, the ability to search other user profiles based on interests and location, as well as private messaging capabilities within the platform. The advantages of using PolyFinda are that it offers a secure environment for exploring polyamory in all its forms; finding new connections with shared values and interests; expanding one’s network of friends and partners; connecting with local events and activities centered around alternative lifestyles; discovering support groups for those just getting started in their journey into non-monogamy.

  • PolyFinda makes it easy to find polyamorous partners, with tons of great features.
  • The app is incredibly intuitive and user friendly.
  • It’s a safe space for people exploring non-monogamous relationships.
  • Its search feature isn’t as user-friendly as other apps.
  • It can be difficult to find compatible partners if you’re outside of major cities.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
$19.00/Month Organized programming courses, designed for Beginner-Advanced programmers.
$49.00/Month Premium programming courses and access to exclusive online community for experienced Developers.

OpenMinded is an online dating platform designed for people with non-monogamous lifestyles. It provides a safe and secure environment to explore consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, ethical cheating, open relationships and other alternative relationship styles. Key features include profile creation; advanced search filters; private messaging tools; compatibility matching system; verified profiles; photo sharing and more.

OpenMinded offers users the opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals by providing its members with access to a wide range of potential partners who share similar interests or lifestyles. By providing users with a supportive community atmosphere in which they can safely navigate their chosen relationships without judgement, OpenMinded allows members to make meaningful connections that will last long into the future.

  • OpenMinded is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It offers a safe, welcoming space for open relationships of all kinds.
  • The customer service team is fast and reliable with any inquiries or concerns you may have.
  • OpenMinded can be a bit overwhelming to navigate.
  • It’s not as easy to find people who share your interests as on other dating platforms.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
$25 a month, $19 a month for 3 months, or $9 a month for 12 months Unlimited messaging, detailed profiles, searchable users, and couples looking to connect
Free trial for 20 days Couples and singles aged 18+ interested in exploring alternative sexual experiences

SwingerLifestyle is an online platform that connects swingers from all over the world. It offers a wide range of features to help users find potential partners and engage in meaningful conversations with them.

The site has an intuitive search engine, which makes it easier for members to explore their options based on various criteria like age, interests, location etc. Additionally, SwingerLifestyle provides several communication tools so couples can connect easily and arrange dates or other activities if they wish. Moreover, the website also features verified profiles as well as safety guidelines to ensure its users have a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Great for connecting with like-minded couples.
  • Easy to use search filters make it simple to find potential partners.
  • Super friendly community of swingers ready to connect and share experiences.
  • SwingerLifestyle can be expensive depending on the membership package you choose.
  • Finding matches could take a while if you’re not in an area with many active members.


Price Details
Free Limited access to profiles and basic features.
Standard Membership ($19.95/monthly) Unlimited access to most features of the site and full access to profiles.
Premium Membership ($39.95/monthly) More extensive access to specific and unique features.
Features: Profiles, photo sharing, chat rooms, forums, events, and more.
Target Audience: Individuals looking for an active lifestyle in the swinging, party, and adult scene.

Kasidie is an online social platform for swingers and those in the alternative lifestyle community. It offers a safe environment to connect with like-minded individuals, explore new activities and share experiences. Key features include private messaging, photo galleries, clubs/events listings and member profiles. Kasidie also has many advantages such as its large network of members worldwide; detailed search filters; virtual currency system which allows users to purchase gifts for other members or upgrade their account; and advanced security measures to protect user privacy.

  • Kasidie makes it easy to find other like-minded adults for a wild night out.
  • The website is very intuitive, making navigation and browsing simple.
  • With millions of members, you’re sure to meet someone special on Kasidie!
  • It’s not the most intuitive platform to use.
  • It could be more user-friendly for people new to online dating.


Pricing Features & Target Audience
$9.99/mo. Access to messaging, events calendar and member-to-member searches; Singles, Couples, and Polyamorous people
$24.99/mo. Access to additional features such as chat rooms, video streaming and profile verification services; Singles, Couples, and Polyamorous people
$49.99/yr* Access to all features, priority email response and access to exclusive content and promotions; Singles, Couples, and Polyamorous people

SwingTowns is an online social network for swingers. It offers its members a variety of features, including profiles, forums and groups to connect with other like-minded people. With SwingTowns, users can search for local swingers in their area or make new connections from all over the world. Additionally, it provides tools such as matchmaking services and event listings to help facilitate meetups and activities.

SwingTowns’ key advantages include privacy controls that allow users to customize how much information they share about themselves; multiple communication methods such as private messaging, chat rooms and video calls; and advanced searching capabilities that let you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Finally, membership packages are available at various levels so that everyone can get involved regardless of budget or commitment level.

Overall, SwingTowns is a great resource for those who want to explore the swinger lifestyle without compromising their privacy or safety by meeting strangers offline. Whether you’re just curious about swinging or already experienced in this community – there’s something here for everyone!

  • Super easy to use and navigate.
  • Great way to meet like-minded people in your area.
  • Lots of cool features to help you find the perfect match!
  • It’s not the most user-friendly platform to navigate.
  • Some profiles are outdated and inactive.

What Are Polyamorous Dating Apps?

Polyamorous dating apps are designed for individuals who wish to pursue multiple relationships, whether it’s romantic or sexual. They allow polyamorous individuals and their partners to find other like-minded people and connect with them in an open environment. Polyamory is a lifestyle based on the belief that one can have more than one emotionally connected relationship at a time, while still remaining committed to each partner involved.

These apps provide users with access to potential partners who share similar interests and goals, as well as giving advice about how best to navigate the complexities of being involved in a polyamorous relationship. The goal of these applications is ultimately to make it easier for those interested in exploring nonmonogamous relationships to do so safely and securely without fear of judgement or prejudice from others.

5 Tips For Success On Polyamorous Dating Apps

Are you looking to find meaningful connections in the polyamorous dating world? Are you ready to start exploring a new type of relationship through an online platform?

  • Set realistic expectations: Before you start using polyamorous dating apps, take some time to think about what your goals are. Figure out what kind of relationships you are looking for and set reasonable boundaries and expectations for yourself and potential partners.
  • Make sure everyone is informed and comfortable: Communication is key when it comes to polyamorous dating apps. Make sure that all parties involved understand the relationship structure and are comfortable with it before proceeding.
  • Respect privacy: Respect the privacy of everyone involved in the relationship. That means not sharing any confidential information or photos without permission.
  • Manage jealousy and insecurity: Jealousy can be a common issue in polyamorous relationships, so make sure to talk openly about it with your partner(s). If necessary, seek help from a professional therapist or counselor to learn healthy ways to manage these feelings.
  • Be honest and authentic: Honesty is essential when it comes to polyamorous relationships. Don’t forget to be open and honest about who you are and what you want from the relationship. This will help ensure that everyone involved is on the same page and that you have a successful and fulfilling experience.

Pros & Cons

  • They offer a safe space to explore multiple relationships.
  • You can easily find like-minded people in one place.
  • The apps provide helpful tools for managing communication between partners.
  • Setting up multiple dates is hard to keep track of.
  • Not all apps are tailored to your specific needs.
  • It can be difficult to find partners who are on the same page as you.


Overall, no matter what type of relationship you are looking for or where you live, there is a polyamorous dating app available to suit your needs. These apps provide people with the opportunity to explore unconventional relationships in a safe and secure environment. Whether you’re just starting out on your polyamory journey or have been involved in multiple relationships for years, these online platforms can help make it easier than ever before. So why not take the plunge today and see if one of these great apps could be right for you?


1. Are polyamorous dating apps legit?

Yeah, they’re legit. I’ve had some good experiences with them so far. It’s worth giving it a try if you’re curious about polyamory!

2. How do polyamorous dating apps work?

Polyamorous dating apps are pretty straightforward – you create a profile, add your details and start swiping! You can also search for people with similar interests. It’s the perfect way to find someone special who shares your non-traditional relationship goals.

3. Is it easy to join polyamorous dating apps?

Yeah, it’s pretty easy! You just have to download the app and create a profile. There’s usually no weird screening process or anything like that. It’s super simple!

4. What are the prices of polyamorous dating apps?

Depends on the app, but generally they’re around $10-20 a month. Some apps offer discounts if you sign up for longer periods of time. You can also find free polyamorous dating apps too!